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Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry has an important role in the understanding of all aspects of the evolution of living organisms on Earth. “Organic” refers to the compounds that contain the element carbon. We owe all our existence to carbon’s unique nature.

In our division several research studies have been conducting on the areas of Organic Synthesis, Polymer Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry. We are dealing with the design and synthesis of new organic compounds for different applications and especially we are working on the synthesis organic dye molecules such as phthalocyanines. Some members of our research teams try to answer some of the problems in organic chemistry and focus on the understanding of the mechanisms behind different organic and biological reactions by using computer simulations and theoretical calculations. Furthermore in this division we are also working in the area of synthesis of functional polymeric materials for several applications such as fuel cells, Li-ion batteries, flame retardant coatings, biomaterials, sensors, etc.

We aim to solve the problems and answer the needs of the advanced engineering materials, various high-tech applications, energy related materials, aerospace engineering applications, medical and drug industries.




Prof. Dr. Ümit SALAN

(Head of Organic Chemistry Division)


*e-mail: usalan


Phone: 1371



Prof. Dr. Memet Vezir KAHRAMAN


*e-mail: mvezir


Phone: 1379




Prof. Dr. Nilhan KAYAMAN  APOHAN


*e-mail: napohan


Phone: 1498


Prof. Dr. Safiye SAĞ ERDEM


*e-mail: erdem


Phone: 1377

web page: http://mimoza.marmara.edu.tr/~erdem/



Prof. Dr. Sevim KARATAŞ


*e-mail: skaratas


Phone: 1372


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emrah ÇAKMAKÇI


*e-mail: emrah.cakmakci


Phone: 1335





Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer ODABAŞ




*e-mail: zodabas




Phone: 1368





Assist. Prof. Dr. Selçuk ALTUN


*e-mail: selcukaltun


Phone: 1432



Res. Assist. Volkan FINDIK


*e-mail: volkan.findik


Phone: 1430



Instructor Dr. Burcu OKTAY


*e-mail: burcu.oktay


Phone: 1329

* @marmara.edu.tr should be added.

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