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Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry sub-division is based on application of physical laws and techniques to chemistry and includes study areas such as thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, and spectroscopy. Academics working in the division carry out experimental and theoretical research on materials (polimeric gels, nanocomposite materials, etc.), energy (cell systems, electrocatalysis, electrochromism, etc.) and basic electrochemistry (voltammetry, polarography, reaction mechanisms, etc.).




Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza ÖZKAYA

(Head of Physical Chemistry Division)


*e-mail: aliozkaya


Phone: 1369



Prof. Dr. Hasan KILIÇ


*e-mail: hkilic


Phone: 1493



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melek Şirin BAYMAK ÇELİK


*e-mail: msbaymak


Phone: 1237 


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seyfullah MADAKBAŞ


*e-mail: smadakbas


Phone: 1380 



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suzan ABDURRAHMANOĞLU


*e-mail: suzana


Phone: 1492 


Res. Assist. Dr. Efe Baturhan ORMAN


*e-mail: efeorman


Phone: 1430 


* @marmara.edu.tr should be added.

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