Biochemistry is the field of study of the molecular basis of biological processes. It is one of the most dynamic areas of science with concerning the structure and interaction of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules as related to their function in living systems.

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary department with the integration of biophysics, molecular biology, structural biology, microbiology and forensic sciences. Studies on biochemistry is combined with organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry techniques. 



Prof. Dr. Ayşe OGAN

(Head of Biochemistry Division)


*e-mail: aogan


Phone: 0216 777 3350

Prof. Dr. Özkan DANIŞ


 *e-mail: odanis


Phone: 0216 777 3367


Prof. Dr. Serap DEMİR


*e-mail: serapgurbuz


Phone: 0216 777 3369

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Res. Assist. Furkan MELETLİ


*e-posta: furkan.meletli


Tel. No:
































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