History and Program Overview


Chemistry Department of Marmara University, Faculty of Arts and Science was founded at Fındıkzade, İstanbul in July 1987 and the chemistry education had started in the academic year of 1988-89. Prof. Dr. Adnan Aydın had became the first chairman of the department. In 1991, the department was relocated to its current location in Göztepe Campus.

Chemistry Department of Marmara University is one of the leading education and research establishment of Turkey which offers modern educational and academic research opportunities in Chemistry. The faculty members of our department are well respected researchers of international chemistry society and are involved in many successful research projects.

Education is offered in 30% English and being successful in an English proficiency exam before starting chemistry education is mandatory. Students who are not successful in the English proficiency exam given by Foreign Languages Center have to attend mandatory English program. After successfully completing this program students can start Chemistry Undergraduate education.

Students with a GPA 3.00 or higher gets a chance to study at other departments as a double major or a minor student within the available student positions and get a second diploma or certificate. In addition, our students may take advantage of being a part of Erasmus Student Exchange Program. The agreements of our department with the universities for the student exchange program are given below.

Our graduates may find job opportunities in private or state industrial or pharmaceutical companies in the field of research or diagnosis laboratories and in marketing. Besides, they are preferred by respected universities of Turkey, Europe and United States as research and teaching assistants. Graduates with pedagogical formation may find positions as chemistry teachers in high schools.

Chemistry department offers masters and doctorate degrees in five different programs (Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry) under the Chemistry Program of Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences. The research groups within these programs are involved in research in the following areas: Analytical Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Phthalocyanines, Natural Products, Polymer Chemistry, Nanocomposites, Enzyme Immobilization, Biopolymers, Drug Release, Protein Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry, QSAR, Environmental Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Electroanalytical Chemistry, Fuel Cells, Metal Complexes, Coordination Chemistry, Solid Phase Reactions, Absorption, Sensors, Hydrogels. These research are published in well known and respected international journals. Many of our Masters and Doctorate degree graduates find job opportunities in industry, got research scholars and were preferred by well-known universities.

Our qualified research and student laboratories are equiped with the following instrumentations: Maldi-TOF, GC-MS, ATR-FTIR, TGA, DSC, Photocolorimeter, Universal Mechanical Test Instrument, GPC, Atomic Adsorption, UV-Spectrophotometer, Florometer, Calorimetric Set-ups, Voltmeter, Potentiostat, LOI Instrument, Contact Angle Instrument, 2D Electrophoresis System, Computer Laboratory Equipment for Theoretical Chemistry Experiments.

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